Fashion Jewellery – Beach Chic and Boho Trends

The boho trend is making a comeback. With tribal accents, khaki tones and ethnic touches seemingly everywhere in recent summers, different takes on the boho trend are fast emerging as a summer fashion you can bank on.

And more than anywhere, we’re seeing the ‘beach chic’ vibe making an impact on fashion jewellery and accessories.
So what is boho and beach chic? And what beach chic accents should you look out for when it comes to fashion jewellery? These 8 trends offer you a quick guide to boho chic, covering everything from ethical jewellery to flower power:

1) Boho will be re-incarnated every year. So you might see ‘modern rustic’ or ‘barefoot luxury’ or even ‘boho rock’ as the latest buzzwords, but these are all interpretations of a similar theme that draws on bohemian or hippy inspirations.

2) You don’t have to be a hippy, hedonist or free spirit to enjoy the beach chic look. Nor do you have to be a celebrity of the likes of Kate Moss or Sienna Miller! It’s a just about staying natural and wearing clothes and accessories that aren’t just mass-produced, throwaway fashion.

3) Coconut is a great on-trend material in summer fashion jewellery. Coconut is adaptable – from chunky or delicate slices, and for extra style, can be mixed with base metals like brass.

4) Flower Power is back. Floaty summer dresses and kaftans are on-trend for summer style, and even better if decorated with big daisies or delicate little flowers. The same goes for your accessories: a big flower bracelet is awesome, or try flower charms in a bracelet or necklace.

5) Natural, eco-friendly materials are great for boho chic. We’re talking natural seeds like vegetable ivory (sustainably-sourced of course), wooden beads and bangles and anything natural.

6) The whole ethical jewellery vibe is bang on-trend. This is jewellery that’s been made under fair trade conditions, so there’s a guarantee that workers haven’t been exploited in the manufacture of your jewellery. This way you can wear your ethical jewellery with pride.

7) Recycled materials, like old buttons, coins or fabric used to create a one-off necklace can make a great boho look. After all, it shows that wearing great, original fashion jewellery isn’t just about spending money, but is about being creative and unique.

8) Multiple necklaces, anklets and chunky bracelets will all complement your beach chic look. Boho fashion jewellery isn’t about being covered in glittering diamonds. You want to wear jewellery that will go with gladiator sandals and a floaty blouse.

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